Parents & Carers

What is CSE?

Child Sexual Exploitation doesn’t just impact Children & Young People, it affects the entire family.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a form of abuse of children (up to the age of 18), both Boys & Girls, where they are deliberately targeted, coerced and manipulated into sexual activities.


Grooming is a process where a child might receive something, for eg gifts, mobile phone, money, makeup, clothes, a place to stay for the night; it can also taken the form of offering the child attention or affection. Children may feel in love, and in some cases they may be given Drugs & Alcohol.

Grooming & CSE can also look positive in the beginning which as a parent is very hard to spot, but this will quickly turn into threats of violence or actual violence is they do not perform sexual acts.

Online grooming and exploitation is the use of technology to groom and abuse children. They may be tricked and groomed into posting or sharing sexual images of themselves via the internet or mobile phone.

Threats to the child and family can be common and very real for the child, which means that your child may not tell you what is happening.

If you believe your child is affected then remember this is NOT YOUR FAULT and you are NOT ALONE.

Street Teams can help, please pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will be there to help you and your family.


Call or text ‘Stop CSE’ on 116000
Call the police on 101
Call 999 in an Emergency